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30 Sep

Snap One Launches Control4 Contemporary Lighting Line

New faceplates and buttons deliver seamless, modern aesthetics, adding more choices to meet the needs of every Partner and homeowner.

CHARLOTTE, NC, September X, 2021 – Snap One, an industry-leading source of A/V surveillance, control, networking, and remote management products for pros, today announced a new line of Control4 Contemporary Lighting faceplates and buttons to offer Partners a modern solution that seamlessly integrates with the Control4 system.

According to Control4 Product Manager Jeff Thomas, the new line provides Control4 Partners more options to ensure premium aesthetics for all home designs and decor.

“Control4’s wired and wireless lighting solutions enable our Partners to add lighting to Control4 projects with ease and assured compatibility. The new Contemporary Lighting line reflects new design standards while adding versatility to Partners’ toolkits,” Thomas said. “With hundreds of SKUs in the new lineup, Control4 Partners can now offer customers an ideal solution to fit any decor or lighting need.”

Available in 10 of today’s most popular colors with clear, backlit engraving, Control4 Contemporary Lighting is easy for everyone to use, so family members and guests can enjoy the smart lighting experience. The modern, elegant design is the perfect complement to today’s beautiful smart home or business environment. In addition to the new appearance, the new keypads, dimmers and switches also provide a more tactile response and improved longevity that Partners and their customers can rely on.

The Control4 system allows property owners to customize lighting control and automation so that residents or employees never have to walk into a dark building again. With the ability to schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times, link lights to events such as doors opening or surveillance camera motion detection, and even create custom scenes for specific interior needs such as dimming to watch a movie, the Control4 system offers peace of mind and enhances home comfort.

The Control4 Contemporary Lighting line works with existing Control4 lighting for a fast and easy system upgrade. Partners simply remove the existing keypad buttons and faceplates and replace them with the Contemporary color change kits and faceplates. Like Control4’s existing lighting products, Contemporary Lighting keypads also enable simple control of systems beyond lighting, including shades, security, music and more.

Snap One will continue to sell all existing lighting products, assuring Partners have solutions to maintain existing installations and provide users greater flexibility when designing new projects.

The Contemporary Lighting line launched first in the U.S. and Australia with 330 SKUs for 120V, 240V and 277V applications, while 120 international SKUs and additional U.S./Australia products will be available to Partners in Q4 2021. All new products feature Control4’s proven back-end dimming and switching technology currently employed in all 3rd Generation in-wall switches, dimmers and keypads.

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