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Our Team

Executive Team

The Snap One executive team boasts decades of experience in custom integration, consumer electronics, and product distribution. Leveraging this expertise, they now lead a team dedicated to delivering a seamless experience to our partners with advanced products and solutions for every job.

John Heyman

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Carlet


Kathleen Creech

Human Resources

Jeff Dungan


JD Ellis

Legal & Human Resources

G Paul Hess

Product & Category

Jeff Hindman

Sales, Marketing & Local

Graham Jaenicke


Ryan Marsh

Global Sales

David Moore

Engineering & Technology

Barrett Schiwitz

Information Technology

Wally Whinna


Leadership Team

Our experienced leadership team members are experts in their fields and fully dedicated to driving the Snap One vision forward.

Dawn Boland

SVP, Partner Services & Support

Eric Harper

SVP, Product Marketing

Michael Jordan

SVP, Product Management

Nathan Porter

SVP, Operations

Jason Winchester

SVP, Product Management

Kevin Baker

VP, Engineering

Bill Beltz

VP, US Sales

Christian Carnell

VP, Business Transformation

Daniel Carr

VP, Legal Operations

Brian Earls

VP, Supply Chain

Avi Galili

VP, Hardware Engineering

Noel Gouff

VP, Product Management

Trevor Hansen

VP, Local Category Mgt

Troy Holtby

VP, Global Sales Ops

Bike Howard

VP, eCommerce

Thomas Hutchins

VP, Program Management

Meet (more) of the Team

We’re a hardworking group of go-getters and can-doers. Here are just a few of the nearly 1500 people behind the scenes of Snap One.

Roshan Bhula

Product Management

Andrea Dvorsky


Shannon Murphy

Corporate Sales

Connie Gray


Jason Halling

Technical Field Management

Laina Jackson

Partner Support

Emily Jones

Product Management

Rass Kearney

Partner Success

Leah Knight

Human Resources

Matthew Mills


Effie Tsai

Supply Chain

Maria Vargas

Warehouse Operations

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