About Us

We’re Snap One, Nice to Meet You

Created out of respect and passion for smart technology, Snap One was founded by technology integrators who saw a better way to do things. We first took on the “Snap” name to represent our mission to make lives easier for our Partners and the customers they serve. Since 2005, we’ve been making smart solutions for homes and businesses easy – a “snap.”

The Snap One Story

We've accomplished a lot, but we're not done yet. These major milestones took us from scrappy startup to an industry leader.

Our Mission is Simple

We bring together the best people, partners, and products to make lives more enjoyable, connected, and secure.

Built for Your Connected Life

We’re dedicated to delivering the best, which is why we offer nearly 50 trusted brands designed to provide an exceptional experience for years to come. Our products and services encompass technology categories like audio, video, surveillance, control, networking, conferencing, and remote management.

Become a Snap One Partner

Snap One solutions are available exclusively to authorized professionals. If you’re a technology pro who is passionate about delivering fantastic experiences for home and business owners, we just may be the perfect fit. Learn about what it takes to become a Snap One Partner.

Ready to Enhance Your Space?

Snap One products are made to be installed by authorized professionals. If you’re a customer looking for a smart home or business solution, let us help you find a pro today!

Awards & Accolades

We’re not ones to bask in the glory, but we’re proud to have been recognized by our partners and industry leaders as a pretty great company to do business with.

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